Drone Scotland

Headquartered in Uddingston, Glasgow, Drone Scotland has excellent access to the M74, M8, M73 and M77 and provides services throughout Scotland. As an award winning company, we offer a competitively priced aerial photography, video and data solutions compared to traditional methods. In addition, we are able to operate closer to the operation thus enabling you to get the right shot for your individual requirements. Our drones use considerably less airspace than helicopters and other manned equipment meaning we can get above, around and in-between to secure the perfect shot.

We are UAQ qualified and hold a valid Permission for Commercial Operation (now known as an Operational Authorisation) in accordance with standards set out and managed by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). Both are a legal requirement for conducting commercial aerial work in congested areas within the UK.

In November 2022, we were awarded our first OSC (Operational Safety Case) from the CAA. This enables us to legally and safely operate where most can’t. We can fly drones/UAS:

➝upto 2km from the pilot with spotters (normally 500m)
➝upto 750m from the pilot without spotters (normally 500m)
➝to within 5m of uninvolved persons during take-off and landing (normally 30m is the minimum separation)
➝to within 20m of uninvolved persons during operations (normally 50m is the minimum separation and often this is horizontally)
➝upto 600ft above ground level (normally 400ft)

Drone Scotland is fully insured and carries £5 million public liability insurance. In other words peace of mind for you and peace of mind for us. This can be increased if required.

Our company operates to a very specific operations policy. Our customers can be confident that, when they choose Drone Scotland, they will be choosing a company that promotes professional conduct and always puts safety at the forefront.

The majority of our work occurs in the planning and post filming procedures. Even a 15 second video requires at least 1 hour preparation. This includes conducting a flight assessment and site assessment. Should the need arise, we will liaise with Air Traffic Control, the Police and other bodies to ensure your project runs smoothly.

We are experienced in flying within congested areas including flying in cities and towns. We were also the first drone company to be granted permission to fly within the restricted flight zone of the worlds busiest airport for helicopters – Aberdeen.

Drone Scotland is also the parent company of LiDAR Scotland – https://lidarscotland.com

Our advanced equipment is able to record in full 5K apple prores and take Ultra High Definition Images. We can fly for around 40 minutes before we have to complete a battery swap. Our drones have a range of lens filters which help ensure we can get the right image irrespective of clouds and strong sunshine.

The carbon footprint of our drones is very low and, compared with industrial drones, we are very discreet. Drone Scotland’s licence allows us to fly up to a height of 600ft which is more than high enough for most operations (manned aircraft are not permitted below 500ft). We can live stream events over facebook and youtube and our ground station delivers a live feed of both the drone status and the image we are shooting. For action shots, our fastest drones can fly in excess of 50mph.

Where do we cover? Our Drones services have been deployed as far north as Elgin and as far South as London. With multiple offices, we are able to cover the whole of Scotland as well as further afield should the need arise including internationally.  Our insurance covers our operations for most of the globe.