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At Drone Scotland, we have the skills, qualifications and experience to provide you with Drone Training. Our comprehensive ‘Introduction to DJI Drone Flying’ course will provide you with the necessary skills to be able to pilot your drone both safely and legally.


Drones are not toys and don’t generally survive crashes. In the wrong hands, Drones are capable of causing damage or injury. As the pilot, you are fully accountable for what you do with your drone. Fly it illegally or recklessly and you could either be faced by a hefty repair bill or even face prosecution. The government and police are stepping up their crackdown on illegal operators. At the same time, they want to encourage people to enjoy the freedom to fly and participate in hobbyist flying.

Drone Scotland has created a training course that aims to pass on our experience and expertise to others looking to enjoy flying their drone. Our course will help you understand where and when you can fly, what safety checks to implement, ‘common sense’ behaviours that a good pilot ought to always employ as well as some of the methods that the professionals use.

Our drone training course incorporates the following:

  • A brief introduction to the Civil Aviation Authority regulations.
  • Health & Safety training
  • Pre-flight and post flight procedures
  • DJI Go 4/DJI Go app basic training
  • Useful 3rd party apps and tools
  • A demonstration of basic flight controls including take off/landing as well as use of the controller
  • Compass settings and calibration
  • An introduction to Drone Insurance
  • Emergency procedures including what to do if….
  • Using the camera for both photography and film
  • Telemetry
  • Battery management
  • Understanding the limitations of your drone and also of you, the pilot

The courses can be either one or two hours long and are accompanied by our documentation for you to take home.

All training will be conducted in Uddingston, Glasgow where we have a large and secure centre for training. Off site training can be conducted but needs to be agreed in advance.

Our course is available for just £60 for one hour or £100 for two hours. Group drone training can be provided. Please contact us at or on 07734 703 573 to book your session or to discuss group pricing.

Please note that this Drone Training course is aimed at hobbyist pilots that are new to Drones or want to learn from a professional. This is an introductory class designed to help you avoid common mistakes, often made by new hobbyists, and help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. This course is not designed for commercial pilots and does not enable you to fly for commercial gain. We do not allow unqualified person’s to fly our Drones.

drone scotland drone training

You are welcome to bring your own drone along if you have one. You will be required to have 3rd party liability insurance to fly. This can be purchased separately from the as well as other insurers for a low cost. We highly recommend that all drone pilots carry appropriate 3rd part and public liability insurance at all times.

Drone Training Customer Review

September 2017 – Attended a one to one drone intro session with Bjorn of Drone Scotland which I found to be very informative. From initial contact everything was handled promptly and professionally. I had booked an hour session but received almost 2 hours of expert training and useful information. I wish had done this session as soon as I got my drone. Happy to recommend. Thankyou! – Peter Gordon At Advantage Sports Consultancy