FAQ’s surrounding flying drones for commercial operations

Are there locations where you can’t fly?

There may be legal reasons why some projects simply can’t be undertaken. By understanding your remit, we are normally able to advise if this is the case at an early stage of your enquiry. Drone Scotland always operate within the law as well as the  rules and regulations of the CAA thus protecting our reputation and that of our customers.

Why do we need to hire a CAA approved operator?

Aerial Photography Drones are not toys. The commercial use of drones, within the UK, is regulated by Parliamentary laws and overseen by the Civil Aviation Authority. All commercial operators are legally required to hold a CAA approved licence, operate within very specific guidelines and carry public liability insurance. Any person or organisation conducting commercial work and not adhering to the law is operating illegally. Both they and the customer could face prosecution should they operate without adhering to the legal requirements. Police Scotland are working closely with the CAA to prevent and prosecute illegal and dangerous drone activity. You wouldn’t get in a car with an unlicensed and uninsured driver – please don’t employ an unlicensed and uninsured pilot. https://www.caa.co.uk/Consumers/Model-aircraft-and-drones/Flying-drones/

Can you provide an edited video?

In most instances, our editing will be more than sufficient for our customer’s needs. We are able to edit, cut, speed up/slow down, enhance, sharpen, crop and add music to both still and video imagery.

Do Drones record sound?

Like all powered aerial photography and film aircraft, drones do not record sound. The reason being is that any sound would be impeded by the noise of the rotors. Sound can be added at the editing stage and can be recorded separately.

Bjorn Aaen, Drone Scotland