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Stitling Castle
Stirling Castle

The Stirling Marathon, Castles, Fields, Historic Monuments, Mapping and introducing Land View Media

It’s been an interesting and exciting week for Drone Scotland.  Our working week started on Sunday at 5.30am filming the sunset over Stirling Castle.  (beautiful but freezing)  That was followed by an aerial orbit of the Wallace Monument (also freezing but beautiful too) and Dunblane Cathedral. (slightly warmer) We were asked to film some historic locations along the route of the Stirling Marathon for organisers Classic Run Events.

As a marathon runner myself, this job is up there with my favourite projects of all times.  I also got to meet Jen Wetton, winner of last years’ Stirling Marathon.  I’ve been following Jen on Twitter for a few years so lovely to meet her and she was brilliant to work with.  Jen headed off afterwards for a “wee run” which turned out to be 17 miles – to “keep things ticking over.” This was the moment I understood why she runs a marathon over an hour faster than me. J Good luck to her in next years’ Stirling Marathon!

Jen Wetton at Stirling Castle
Jen Wetton


On Monday we filmed a corporate video and a health and safety video  for one of our construction clients. We’ve been delivering progress reports for this client for the last 18 months. To finally get inside the building and showcase their amazing work in a corporate video was brilliant.

Hub South West

On Tuesday we headed down to Dumfries to the Hub Club to meet some of our construction clients within the Hub South West. Some inspirational speakers and great to find out who was awarded public sector building contracts this month. Later on I was contacted by one of our Property clients to let me know the property video we produced for him was featured on website Glasgow Live. It was a lovely property and the aerial video showcased some amazing architecture. I have no doubt it will sell fast!

Georeferenced Orthomosaic Mapping

We mapped over 130 acres of land on Wednesday for a construction client. This produced high resolution georeferenced orthomosaic topographical maps including distance, area and volume measurements as well as cut/fill,  stock-pile and asset data. Our Orthomosaic map is made up of multiple images stitched together to form one huge image. From this we have created a 3d model for our client.

The weather was perfect and It was such an enjoyable job. We got permission to film from one of the local farmers. Still not sure if he was winding me up but did say there was a bull in the fields we were working in…..I looked around at our crew and noticing I had the best footwear I stopped worrying. J   (oh and did I mention I’m a marathon runner J)

Drone Scotland Mapping
Mapping 110 hectare site

On Thursday I had a tour of the CMS Windows site with the Hub Southwest. Meanwhile Bjorn spent the day Editing the corporate video and health and safety video from Monday. We’ve upgraded our editing software and it was great to use some of the new features in our videos.

Land View Media

And finally today (Friday) we’ve launched Land View Media which is our nationwide on-line shop which focuses on providing aerial data for buying selling and redevelopment of land across the UK.

Having this weekend off but have decided after meeting, Stirling Marathon winner, Jen Wetton that I should run more often. Set myself a target of 17 miles over Saturday and Sunday.  

Michele Aaen, Managing Director, Drone Scotland

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