Over the past 6 years, Drone Scotland has been successfully deployed at various infrastructure projects throughout the country. Working in conjunction with other specialists, we have delivered high quality data to both support and document the projects. Aerial based data provides a unique and holistic perspective of projects thus helping facilitate the project process.

Different tools can be deployed to support such projects. Drone Scotland’s varied tools enable us to be involved in projects at multiple stages ranging from concept to completion. These tools don’t always have to be drone mounted and we often utilise a hybrid of aerial and ground based solutions along with state of the art software.

Photogrammetry survey of spine road

One of the most popular infrastructure surveying tools is drone mounted LiDAR. Drone mounted LiDAR is, in our opinion, the most effective method of high volume, high accuracy and high efficiency data capture. We are able to capture upto 100Ha per day. Within this area we would estimate the accurate documentation of 750,000,000 points – each with their own unique OS aligned xyz coordinates. The outputs of this, non invasive, data capture process can be further cleaned and delivered in a variety of formats to suit client software and system capabilities.

LiDAR survey of new bridge infrastructure

Photogrammetry and LiDAR methods of data capture are often jointly delivered to clients The former provides great visual awareness of the site through georeferenced orthomosaic maps/ imagery and 3D models. The latter captures precise technical details of the site, including areas under thick penetration and intricate objects such as pylons in the form of points clouds and digital terrain maps.

LiDAR power pylon route survey

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