With it’s 1″ CMOS sensor, the M2P is one of the most popular drones for aerial videography and photography. Small and unassuming at just over 900g in weight, this drone certainly packs a punch and has been used to capture national TV commercials as well as produce award winning footage. With a flight time of approx 31 minutes and foldable arms, the M2P can be taken almost anywhere. Lightweight batteries mean we can carry enough to complete most shoots and charge them in vehicles.

Attached with a range of lens filters, we can carefully control aperture, shutter speed, frame rate and ISO to help ensure we capture the correct shot from the 20MP sensor. Shooting in 4K, we can select between to lens angles thus allowing more targeted shots as well as wider fields of view.

The M2P is also great for catching HDR images as well as full 360 panoramas which we normally capture in DNG before processing the footage in the office. If you take a look at our gallery, most of our videos were captured using the M2P.

Mavic 2 Pro