Our thermal inspection drone is equipped by a 640×512 resolution radiometric thermal sensor. Along with powerful zoom options the M3T is a effective and efficient tool when it comes to capturing thermal imagery, video and maps. The M3T also has an attachable RTK unit meaning it can fly with cm level precision ensuring that we can achieve highly accurate data from the air.

With 45 minutes flight time, and a 48MP wide camera the M3T can quickly cover large areas of ground and return with both standard RGB and thermal data ready to be processed using our thermal analysis tool. Perfect for solar panels, domestic and non domestic buildings as well as for health and safety purposes.

Note, we receive a lot of requests for search and rescue – especially for dogs. We operate to very specific guidelines/laws as issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. This means that we cant just put a drone in the air. All of our operations are subject to detailed planning, methods statements and risk assessments. As much as we love dogs, we always prioritise the safety of other people as well as adhering to national and local laws. For missing persons, please contact your local Police. We are unable to provide air support for missing persons unless we are asked to help by Police Scotland and that is unlikely to happen as Police Scotland have their own drone team. Search and rescue must be conducted by qualified persons/bodies. For missing dogs, we recommend contacting specialists with that field.