The P4 RTK was launched in 2018 as a compact and accurate low altitude drone mapping solution. Similar in size to the original Phantom series, the P4 RTK provides Drone Scotland with a fast deploy survey grade UAV. Used extensively at housebuilding sites throughout Scotland, the P4 RTK is our go to survey drone. Weighing just 1.4kg, the drone can be used to quickly capture smaller sites to survey grade – although it has been used to survey areas as large as 110 hectares.

Similar to the M300 RTK, the P4 RTK is accurate to within 30mm on the X & Y axis and 50mm on the z axis when combined with either our DRTK2 ground station or linked to an active RTK network. Equipped with a 20MP lens and a mechanical shutter, the P4 RTK can capture sharp and detailed images when operated at pre-planned heights.

What is RTK?

RTK, otherwise known as real time kinematics, is an active process where the drone actively verifies and records its precise positioning. Unlike standard drones which rely on GNSS (global navigation satellite systems) RTK drones can enhance positional accuracy from 3m vertically and 2 metres horizontally down to just 50mm vertically and 30mm horizontally. This significant accuracy increase allows the drone to capture survey grade data without the reliance on GCP’s (ground control points) or PPK (post processing kinematics). Although, we should add that there are still times where GCP’s or PPK may be utilised in drone mapping.


The DRTK2 is the ground station we operate in conjunction with our RTK drones. Whilst it can be operated as a ground station to help improve the accuracy of RTK flights, we find this process to be more cumbersome unless we are working to local coordinates. Instead, we primarily use the DRTK2 to set our checkpoints. We then use this data to quality check our results prior to sharing with our clients.

Drone Mapping

For more information on how Drone Scotland can help your organisation through RTK contact our team at or : 0141 302 4685