1 Hour Introductory Drone Training Session

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Introductory Training Course for hobbyist pilots and those new to flying



Our 1 hour drone training course incorporates the following:

  • A brief introduction to the Civil Aviation Authority regulations.
  • Health & Safety training
  • Pre-flight and post flight procedures
  • DJI Go 4/DJI Go app basic training
  • Useful 3rd party apps and tools
  • A demonstration of basic flight controls including take off/landing as well as use of the controller
  • Compass settings and calibration
  • An introduction to Drone Insurance
  • Emergency procedures including what to do if….
  • Using the camera for both photography and film
  • Telemetry
  • Battery management
  • Understanding the limitations of your drone and also of you, the pilot

The course is approximately 1 hour long and is accompanied by our documentation for you to take home. Note, we don’t normally permit the flying of our drones. Find out about our 2 hour drone training course here.

1 review for 1 Hour Introductory Drone Training Session

  1. admin

    Attended a one to one drone intro session with Bjorn of Drone Scotland which I found to be very informative. From initial contact everything was handled promptly and professionally… I wish had done this session as soon as I got my drone. Happy to recommend. Thankyou! – Peter Gordon At Advantage Sports Consultancy

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