Drone Scotland Dual Control Flying Experience




Dual Control Drone Experience – Mavic Pro 2

This is a bolt on product to one of our drone training courses.

Experience flying either a Mavic Pro 2 or Mavic Enterprise Dual with one of our pilots. By using our dual control setup, we can offer the unique experience of flying one of our state of the art drones. Don’t worry if you have little or no experience, our setup means that our PfCO qualified remote pilot always has his/her hands on the master control whilst you operate the slave control.

Test out the different functions and settings of one of our DJI Mavic Pro 2 drones. Take pictures and videos. We will issue you with a download link to any data you record on the day.

The session runs for 1 hour and we will aim to get as much flying time in as possible during this time.

Note this listing is for the Mavic Pro 2. There is a separate listing for the Mavic Enterprise Dual.

Please note that a condition of this purchase is that the flight can be conducted legally and safely. Therefore, environmental conditions must be acceptable. You, as the remote pilot, will need to be fit to fly the drone safely. Drone Scotland will have the final say regarding all flights and the nature of such flights. To complete this experience you must not be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, prescription or over the counter medicine that may impact your ability to drive or operate machinery or be unwell. You must have satisfactory vision and you must wear glasses or contact lenses, if you normally require or have been advised to wear glasses or contact lenses, The minimum age is 18. We reserve the right to terminate the experience, should you act recklessly or fail to follow instructions. Should the experience have to be terminated or paused, due to your actions (including those listed here), there will be no refunds. Please speak with us in advance should you have any concerns as to why you may be unfit to conduct this experience.

Click here to learn more about our Mavic Enterprise Dual experience.


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