Using property drone services to sell your property

More and more people are engaging with property drone services to help sell their property. But where do you start? What type of drone videos or drone images will showcase your property? How can you use drones to highlight the features of your property or land?

Interestingly the property market was one of the early adopters of drone services. As early as 2016 we started to see those birds-eye aerial property photographs of large houses for sale. It was eye catching, it showed exactly where the house was in relation to the acres of surrounding land and helped it stand out from the others. These large multi million pound properties used drones to show off the sheer size of the building and the volume of rural land.

Whilst the traditional birds-eye view photographs can still work for large properties with acres of land, for smaller properties a different approach is needed. For example if you’re trying to sell a small house with a tiny concrete garden, next to an industrial estate, an aerial image showing the area might actually do more harm than good. At Drone Scotland we are client led and implement a bespoke package for each client to ensure we showcase the best features of each individual property. Every property is different. Different features and selling points. We adapt our service package to ensure we present the features of your property in the best possible way.

Using drones to market smaller properties

Recently we were asked to create images for a smaller property in a semi rural area. The client was having difficulty attracting viewers. Its location was tucked away behind 2 other houses, one of which looked run down. As many people like to drive past a house before making an appointment to view it, no-one was getting to the “viewing stage”. After 8 weeks being on the market, despite it being an attractive looking building with upgraded interior, there were still no viewers.

Our property drone services were employed to demonstrate the upgraded exterior of the building and the garden. These were images you could not capture from a ground camera or even appreciate from driving past the building. In this instance the houses in the area were placed closely together (also requiring written permission from several nearby property owners to fly) thus the birds-eye shot would do more harm than good. Instead we focussed on different angles of the building and the garden area. Each angle highlighted a feature in the exterior. Also, the garden was south facing and we used carefully placed shots to demonstrate this. The actual exterior of the building was really attractive and our drone images really made it stand out in the brochure. The result was a significant increase in the number of viewings which eventually led to a house sale.

How to feature more of your land and less of your property

On another occasion we were contacted by the owner of a rural property who wanted help to sell land (50+acres) which had both a property and planning permission on the land. Initial discussions were around aerial property photographs and a short video. But when we actually looked at the area we knew we could do so much more to help. The land and surrounding scenery for the property were absolutely incredible. We created a bespoke drone servies package. This included a 3 minute video capturing the land and scenery, the boathouse and the loch. We mapped the land area using our drone software and created a 2d orthomosaic map and 3d model. This allowed potential viewers to see where the property and land areas started and ended. It was much more sophisticated than a red line on a map.

Property drone video -Perthshire, Scotland

Incredible scenery from video of property and land for sale in Perthshire, Scotland.

Land and Property Drone Services Video

Highlighting beautiful buildings using drone video

We’ve had the pleasure to create drone videos and aerial property photographs of some absolutely incredible buildings. Take the example of Shaw House in Bearsden below. The interior of the building was every bit as majestic as the external. But you can’t change the exterior of a building like this and so we decided to make the video all about the building. The client used a photographer to show off the interior.

Schaw House

The Tower, Schaw House, Bearsden.Who wouldn’t want to be ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ of their own castle? Well, take a tour of the grandest apartment for sale in Glasg…

Shaw House, Bearsden. One of the prestigious buildings we’ve filmed for a property sale.

How to feature amazing gardens using drones

Amazing gardens deserve to be highlighted in any property sale. Some clients have spent their life making their gardens beautiful. Buying a property with a ready made garden is a big plus for some buyers and therefore a good aspect to feature in an aerial drone video. In the case below, aerial property photographs would not be enough to present the sheer scale of this property and land. The example below demonstrates an amazing property where the client invested a lot of time developing the garden. The interior of the property was developed to a high spec but money simply can’t buy a garden like this. In this project we were asked to feature the tree lined drive up to the property, the pond and the trees and shrubs around the garden.


This is “Produce” by Bjorn Aaen on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

There are so many different ways in which Drone Scotland can utilise our drone technology and software to help market a property or land. Each project requires a client led approach. We believe every project is completely different and requires a different set of tools and creative thinking.

We can never guarantee a house sale but what we can do is help present your property and land in the best way possible to attract prospective buyers.

We never take on projects we don’t believe we can deliver. We provide a free property drone services consultation service. For more information on how we could add value to your property marketing contact our team at

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