Pricing aerial work is never straight forward as every requirement is unique. At Drone Scotland, we like to help guide you through the process and believe that transparency is critical. Therefore, we feel it is only fair to provide a rough guide to our prices.

All prices include access to CAA approved pilots, full insurance including £5 million public liability, all planning, risk assessments, permissions, equipment and an electronic transfer of either unedited or edited footage*.  All prices are agreed in advance of each and every operation.

Examples of typical pricing for ‘standard‘ work: 

  1. RTK drone land survey to OSGB (high global/high local accuracy) – A typical rectangular shaped site is £1,600 for upto 10Ha. An additional £800 per additional upto 10Ha thereafter. There is a sliding scale thus sites 50Ha+ POA
  2. Local drone land survey (low global/high local accuracy) – £700 for upto 10Ha. An additional £350 per additional upto 10Ha thereafter. There us a sliding scale thus sites 50Ha+ POA
  3. LiDAR drone survey – from £2,000 (high global/high local accuracy). A typical 10Ha site is £2,600-£3,000. An additional £1,300-£1,500 per additional upto 10Ha thereafter. Linear routes, sites with steep elevation changes or hard to access may incur additional fees. There us a sliding scale for sites 50Ha+ POA.
  4. Building drone survey
    Tenement flat – £450 (including roof, gutters and high elevations)
    Church – £700 (all exteriors)
    Larger units – POA
  5. Aerial Still Imagery including up to 5 edited images – £170 – £210. Cost will vary subject to complexity of the location. Upto 1 hour on site then £85 per additional hour
  6. Unedited Aerial Video – £300. (No additional cost for still imagery taken within time on site.) Upto 1 hour on site then £100 per additional hour
  7. *up to 120 second video edit including soundtrack (including one re-edit) – £210 when added to option 2. Colour grading, colour corrections, special effects etc incur additional time thus will be priced accordingly.
  8. Aerial 360 degree Panorama including editing- £55 when added to option 1 or 2
  9. Ground recording – £120
  10. Timelapse from £380 per month plus setup fees
  11. Digital data transfer – free (£20 for each 16gb micro sd card if required)
  12. Travel within 20 miles/20 minutes drive – free (50p per mile for longer distances. Accommodation is subject to local rates and only when required)
  13. Additional crew – £150 per person per day
  14. Data management and cloud storage – variable

Non Standard work is generally defined by work that falls outwith normal operating procedures. At Drone Scotland we are privileged to be one of a very small number of companies that has obtained specialist operating permissions from the CAA. Our operational safety case enables us to fly closer to uninvolved people as well as fly our drones higher and further. When operating under our OSC there are additional mitigations that we must introduce to ensure the operation is safe and legal. Therefore, pricing for such work is higher than our ‘standard’ work rate by 50% and the minimum call out rate is £500.

Or, book us by traditional timeslots (multimedia filming only) of:

1/2 day at £600. Full day at £950

1/2 day ‘non standard’ work  (see above) £800 and full day £1,500

Please note that these prices are not quotes. All work undertaken will be quoted for in advance and in writing. The above pricing assumes that the work will be ‘standard’ and without complications. Prices may differ, from the above,  should the complexity or work load increase for any given project (again, this will be agreed in advance). Our intention is to give potential customers a rough understanding of our pricing structure.

Time on site refers to the arrival and departure time of Drone Scotland employees. Time on site has no reflection on flying time or time spent filming/taking images. Documented setup and clearance procedures must be adhered to and thus it is unlikely for any time on site to be less than 45 minutes – irrespective of flight time.

Additional crew may be required for certain projects. Personnel can include runners, security, ground crew, observers, additional pilots as well as other skill sets. Any such requirements will be discussed and agreed in advance. Some customers, to save costs, have fulfilled these roles themselves.

As a final note, we never want to charge you more than the above. If we do, we only do so because our costs to operate will directly or indirectly increase. At the end of the day, we want each and every customer to be delighted that they chose Drone Scotland.

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