The revolution has begun. Until now, property buyers have been dependent on outdated google earth maps and ground level still images. Often bland, these images fail to properly capture the entirety of the estate.

Drone Scotland is able to offer the full package. We can offer the same as traditional methods and add so much more. Our services include:

  • Up to date birds eye view from as high as 400 feet
  • elevated still imaging from a variety of angles
  • Full orbital video – giving you the full perspective of the property under consideration
  • Drive thru video – we can utilise a mixture of ground and aerial video to give you a first person experience without ever visiting the property.
  • Internal imagery
  • Internal video walkthroughs using our stabilised camera system with 4K resolution and UHD images
  • Live feed video and customer directed filming for clients requiring a personal experience without actually travelling to the property (both aerial and ground)
  • 3D imaging
  • Real time mapping- accurate to 1 inch per pixel