At Drone Scotland, we are have over 6 years experience in drone photogrammetry. In essence we use drones to create measurable data outputs – often accurate to ordnance survey. Read on to find out more.

OSGB point cloud, of linear route, showing before and after manual cleaning of the data set
topography 1
RTK Aerial survey of 110Ha site being used for house building in Jackton, Scotland. XY&Z all aligned to British National Grid


Drone technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate as is the software that is being designed. Drone Scotland is able to create accurate 3D Imagery and topographical mapping of your location to within 30mm on the X&Y and 50mm on the Z axis to either British National Grid or your own local coordinates..

topography 2
RTK survey of Pylon Route. Corridor mapped with XY&Z aligned with British National Grid


By programming the Drone to take a multitude of aerial images, we are able to produce accurate and up-to-date 3D models of a customer’s property. Once complete, the user is able to interact with the model and view from any desired viewpoint.

Drone Scotland can also able to create accurate maps of land and property. This can vary from an accuracy of 5cm per pixel right up to under 1cm per pixel. Online earth maps are often out of date. By using our Drone technology, we can provide you with an accurate map of your site.

Drone Inspection DJI most advanced drone
All weather drone capable of surveying land to within 30mm and 50mm of XY & Z axis respectively. With up to 55 minutes flight endurance and multiple UAV redundancy systems, the M300 is the most advanced aerial surveying kit on the market. Able to operate in extreme temperatures, rain and high winds, the M300 is our champion of the skies.


in 2022, we will deploy our drones on over 300 operations across Scottish construction sites. Fast and reliable data help our customers make well informed decisions as well as improve both internal and external communications. We utilise the latest and industry leading software to help capture, process and deliver the data to our customers.



The P4RTK is a highly precise surveying drone. Smaller and lighter than the M300 yet able to achieve 30mm and 50mm accuracy on the XY & Z axis respectively. Quick to deploy and extremely reliable, this is our most commonly deployed UAV for surveying land. Accompanied by the DRTK2 Ground station, we can quickly verify the accuracy of any data provided.