Possibly one of the biggest domestic growth markets for Drones. Engaged couples are looking at ever new ways to make their special day unique. Drones won’t replace your traditional photographer because drones offer a completely different format of service. With the invent of the smart phone, everyone’s weddings are recorded by the guest list. However, none of them are able to capture the full beauty of your wedding from an aerial perspective.

Drone Scotland’s drones are able to get up high, film the arrival of the wedding party, capture the grounds, orbit the guests, track the bride, record artistic formations (for example, the guests forming a heart shape around the couple) and even record the photoshoot with your chosen photographer. All in ultra high 4K definition. Our range of lenses ensure that we always get the right tint to your wedding day.

Our ground equipment can be placed discreetly on a tripod and controlled remotely. By using our time lapse and motion function we can record dramatic hour long footage that can be condensed into a matter of minutes.

Most importantly, Drone Scotland can give your wedding an everlasting memory allowing you to relive your day again and again.

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