Fixed stationary timelapse cameras are commonly used to document and market construction projects. Fixed to a an agreed location, cameras can capture short to long term builds in high resolution. Our cameras have ultra wide lenses which means we can capture a wide variety of sites.

Timelapse of Building 6 at the new Buchanan Wharf development in Glasgow

Equipped with a solar panel and battery, our cameras can run completely off grid as well as mains powered. Images can be captured to agreed hours, frequency, days of the week as well as duration. In addition to the internal micro sd card, a mobile sim or local wifi allows the images to be regularly uploaded to our cloud thus producing regular timelpases showing the latest progress.

The cameras require a solid and safe mounting point. In many cases, surrounding locations, such as neighbouring buildings or even lamp posts will suffice. If a suitable mounting point is not available, they can be installed by using either pivoted or extendable masts.

Camera mounted don lamp post

We normally only require access to the cameras, once every three months, for maintenance and cleaning purposes. Outwith that, the cameras are all controlled remotely either via the internet or bluetooth.

Prices start from as little as £350 + VAT per month plus installation/removal

Contact us direct, to find out more or call 0141 302 4685