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time lapse construction photograph
Image – Enlapse Tikee 3 Pro+

Despite being well known for our work in the Drone Sector, many people are still unaware Drone Scotland also offer high quality time lapse camera solutions. Our time lapse cameras can be rented out to document construction progress, capture events and other commercial projects. Our rental period ranges from one day to several years and our offering includes 6K and 16 megapixel options as standard.

Time lapse camera projects

Our most recent time lapse camera project was to document construction progress at Buchanan Wharf, Glasgow. The 6K timelapse camera was stationed to capture progress of the tower (building 6) being erected over a duration of 4 months. We captured an image every 15 seconds. As well as the end result of a video of the build, it allowed the client real time data to see the site without actually having to travel there.

Benefits of Drone Scotland time lapse data

  • High quality data as standard – All data is captured using our DSLR-based camera system with up to 16megapixel photographs and 6K video. We can also offer a 2.8 wide angle lens camera to capture larger wider areas. This is useful to capture full construction sites in one video.
  • A custom portal login to clients to view real time data within one hour of being shot – saving time/cost travelling to sites
  • Monthly videos of time lapse data – Providing documentation of construction progress or events
  • Solar powered time lapse cameras – Our cameras have fully autonomous power management with a built-in Li-on battery and Solar panel – Keeping in line with your Environmental Policy

Commonly asked questions

  • What is the minimum rental period of a time lapse camera? Our minimum rental period is 24 hours.
  • How much does is cost? The cost of rental will depend on the length of your project. The longer the duration the lower the monthly rental cost.
  • How much notice do you require to install a timelapse camera? We require 3 weeks notice to provide enough time to co-ordinate installation etc.
  • How do you install the time lapse camera? Installation is part of our service. We will always consult you regarding installation to ensure you are happy with the angle and position of the camera
  • Will my camera work in the rain? Yes our cameras are all IP66 rated and will continue to work in rain

Recent Projects

Construction time lapse camera
Drone Scotland – installation of a 6K wide lens time lapse camera at Buchanan Wharf, Glasgow

See our most recent project at Buchanan Wharf, Glasgow. This footage was captured over a period of 4 months during 2022.

Find out more

To find our more contact our team at construction@dronescotland.com or call us directly on (0141) 302 4685.

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