A sample of some aerial videos directed and produced in Scotland:

All videos are © Drone Scotland Limited 2016-2024

Delivery of the North Bridge at CWRR
Aurs Rd Progress Video
Install of the South Bridge at Glasgow CWRR
Half of the new Clyde bridge being delivered
Dolphins ready for installation on the Clyde
10K race in Stirling
Linear Design and Construct lift crane onto building as part of regeneration project
Janson Bridging supply temporary bridge as Kincardine bridge section demolished and rebuilt
Barge moved into position for works on the new Clyde bridge
Cutty Sark Centre, Ayr completion video
Part of the project to build the new river Clyde bridge involved redirecting a culvert. This video showcases the day the culvert was finally redirected.
Sample videos from 2022/2023 including footage that was shot for cinema and tv.
Genesis Forestry promotional video
Filming the cleaning of the filtration pool on behalf of 4R Group and the Coal Authority
BBP’s completion video of a Loch Lomond castle and wedding venue
The first completed building of the new Kildean Park, Stirling. Filmed for Bowmer & Kirkland on behalf of SDA.
LiDAR point cloud of the McVities factory in Glasgow
Volumetric and elevation monitoring in a quarry on behalf of Deans Civil Engineering
Major renovations at the famous Gretna Outlet Village on behalf of Linear Design.
Video of LiDAR survey to identify lost unmarked graves of WW2 sailors – as shown on the BBC national news
LiDAR survey of woodlands surrounding new infrastructure project
Landfill and recycling centre video for Patersons of Greenoakhill
Showreel of filming across Scotland
Get active video – part of a series of videos for East Dunbartonshire Council aimed at encouraging active lifestyles
Promotional video of property to West of Scotland
Promoting historical Shaletrail which documents Scotland’s history in shale oil
Showreel of videos captured across Scotland
Promotional video of stunning property near Aberfoyle
Vast Scottish estate near Comrie
Dredging in the Clyde- keeping the waterways open for large vessels to dock at George the V
Precon bricks factory at Cambuslang
Tom Gold – life coach. Filming at the Campsies just north of Glasgow
Sample shots of housebuilding promotional shoots
Video documenting early stages of Covi 19 lockdown in 2020
Popular accommodation in Bearsden, Glasgow
Completion video fo new student accomodation