The Enterprise edition of the Mavic range of drones brings a whole new dimension to high specification, quick deploy UAV’s. Equipped with a dual gimbal, the M2ED can capture both standard RGB imagery as well as infrared light through it’s thermal sensor.

Used for a variety of purposes, the M2ED, can detect areas of heat loss which can be caused by poor insulation or even cracks in buildings structures. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the sensor can detect water ingress and leaks.

Night time operations can benefit from the powerful and multi directional headlights which can be attached to the UAV. This can also be a benefit when there is reduced light both outwith and within a structure.

Further features include the mountable loudspeaker and beacon. The former enables the remote pilot to communicate through the drone and the latter can be used, in conjunction with the ADS-B receiver, to make the airspace safer for manned and unmanned aircraft.

The onboard ADS-B receiver alerts the remote pilot to any nearby civilian aircraft thus removing the risk of any airborne collisions.

Bump Cage

To help safeguard the UAV, when flying in dark or tight locations, the drone can be further equipped with a bump cage. This lightweight cage is attached to the UAV and forms a protective ring around the frame and the rotors. Thus, were the drone to make contact with a surface, it would simply ‘bump’ and continue to operate.

Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual