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Aerial inspections and drone surveys have become synonymous with one other. Recent studies have demonstrated that savings of over 80% can be made by employing a professional drone pilot to conduct your aerial inspection.

Why? Well, traditional methods of conducting building inspections have either relied on scaffolding or the hire of platforms/cherry pickers. Not only do these methods take substantially more time but they are more expensive and risker to deploy. Bearing in mind that scaffolding needs to be constructed and subsequently removed. This process can take a day if not more, never mind the inspection. Platforms needs to be booked in advance, delivered by truck and then picked up – again adding to the cost both in terms of time and money.

Drones/UAV’s, on the other hand, can be quickly deployed. For most aerial inspections, they only require one person to operate and they can provide real time information to both the pilot and the surveyor. Drones can also capture perfect images that surveyors can take with them and review or present to others. A job that could take days using traditional methods can now be completed within minutes.

Putting time and money aside, there are also clear safety and environmental benefits to using Drones. No more placing people in unnecessary risky positions and a reduction in accidents from falls. Drones also have a very small carbon footprint and don’t produce any contamination in their field of operation – they don’t need a large diesel truck to deliver them and they wont produce dust or damage the local area.

Sure, there can be times when Drones can’t complete aerial inspections. For example, in poor weather, at heights over 400ft or in urban areas where permissions to operate may be complex. Putting these aside, there are a huge array of scenarios where drones can offer a cheaper, faster, safer and more environmentally friendly inspections.

Even local councils are starting to offer the service – Read here to find out what Colchester Borough Homes are doing.

To learn more or hire Drone Scotland for your aerial inspection, simply contact us 🙂