Undoubtedly the smallest UAV in our fleet. At just 249g, this tiny drone is extremely misconceiving. Built in to it’s gimbal is a 4K camera with an optional zoom function and its rotors can handle wind speeds of up to 23mph. It’s 12MP sensor can capture amazing still images and the internal stabilisation system lets us capture high definition 360 degree panoramas in the equivalent of 8K.

Don’t get us wrong, this drone isn’t as advanced as the rest of the fleet but, it does have a trick up it’s sleeve. Due to the weight of the drone, we are not limited by separation distances between the drone and uninvolved persons. Therefore, we can operate the M2 in places where other drones can’t. We have even used the M2 to shoot TV commercials and conduct high level building inspections. the sheer flexibility along with it’s 31 minutes flight time makes this drone pack a fair punch for it’s size.

Disclaimer – just because you can fly a drone closer to people, doesn’t mean you should. Safety must always be the first consideration. the M2 and it’s operator are still subject to the law. Therefore, you must not recklessly or negligently cause or permit your drone to endanger a person, property, an aircraft or any person in an aircraft (ANO 240 & 241).

Mini 2