M74 Bridge Demolition - Drone Scotland
Demolition of the M74 bridge Nov 2016. Footage used by all the major news providers


The construction industry is anticipated to account for 10% of all commercial drone usage. Having said that, a substantial number of construction firms aren’t quite sure how drones would fit in with their business. Drones continue to be regarded as new technology and a service that ‘we want to look at’.

So what can a commercial drone operator offer to a construction project? Well, there are a huge range of uses. The following are but a few that we can offer:

  • Marketing. Drones can help capture images before, during and after. What better way to showcase your work and your company than to have the entire project documented from the sky. Using ultra high definition camera equipment, we can get crystal clear shots of your project.
  • Remote inspection. Is your head office located at the other end of the country? Do you want to get real time updates on the progress of your site? At Drone Scotland, we can even provide live streaming to your office.
  • Drainage analysis. Living in the UK, we are not blessed with the best weather conditions. An eye in the sky can help the Project Manager access important data in relation to matters such as drainage or storm damage. Information that is difficult to obtain from the ground.
  • 2D Mapping. Working on a large site such as a housing development or out of town shopping centre? At Drone Scotland, we can capture high resolution maps that can be georeferenced. Again a great way to get real time accurate information in relation to your site.
  • 3D Modelling. Similar to our 2D mapping service but with a digital 3D model which you can navigate to view your project from any angle.
  • Security. Working on a large site or perhaps concerned about security? Drones are able to quickly provide intelligence surrounding potential security threats. Not only can a drone help assess risks but they can provide essential video evidence and also act as a deterrent to potential threats. Because the operator is at a central location, on site, there is also the reduced risk to personnel.
  • Inspections and Surveys. Drones are able to help conduct inspections and surveys without the cost of expensive equipment or the risk to your employees health. The list is endless and ranges from elevation mapping through to crop analysis and inspections of hard to access areas.

If you would like to learn more about how Drone Scotland can help with your project, contact us direct.