Community Photography Projects

Community Photography Projects.

Dollan Aqua Centre East Kilbride
Dollan Aqua Centre East Kilbride

Gone are the days where the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were the tools of the under 30’s. It is now common place to see our grandparents and those in their twilight years succumbing to the rich value that social media can bring. Sharing old images, maps and sometimes videos seem to bring a lot of joy to each and everyone of us. Community photography projects seem to be all the rage 🙂

What we, at Drone Scotland, are witnessing is that the senior generation are keen to document the world through the use of imagery and film. This is evident in the number of old images that we can all see being shared on social media today – whether it is ‘that’ old factory or how the main street used to look before tarmac and congestion. Images that everyone, irrespective of age, seems to enjoy. Each and every image seems to come with it’s own nostalgic story. Every image commented upon by those that living locally as well as those living at the other side of the world.

Interestingly, its the sheer volume of community groups and public associations that are contacting us. They are researching how we can help keep memories alive for the younger generation. In 50 years from now, the children of today, will be sharing their memories of how their home town looked. Who knows what the future will hold, will there be flying cars, roads, an evolved language and will we all be laughing at the fashion back in 2017?

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography and film can be used to help document today’s world. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons why we are being contacted. By using UAV technology, we can capture vast areas of land and even villages in ultra high definition. We can record HD video’s and edit them in to short films. This documents the true spirit of Scottish places of interest. 360 degree panoramas can give the viewer the ability to actually look around the picture as though they were actually there.

Never before has it been so easy for communities to bottle their current surroundings. This enables the next generation to enjoy and reminisce over in years to come. To learn more about what we can do to help your community photography projects, contact us directly.

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