Construction Progress Reports

One of the BIG opportunities within the UAV market is to provide construction progress reports. Working to tight deadlines, most construction projects require and rely on regular updates which help keep the project on track and encourage transparent lines of communication.

At Drone Scotland, we have experience helping provide invaluable data to support progress reports. By using our advanced drones and specialist software, we are able to deliver data, that was either too expensive or impossible to access in the past.

So, what exactly can we provide???

Firstly, and most commonly asked for is time lapse imagery. Every construction project we have worked on has required time lapse imagery. By visiting a site on multiple occasions, we are able to capture identical shots on different dates. When pieced together, we can provide a time lapse video or batch of still images which will show the project from start to finish. These packages are bespoke to each project and the frequency of visits is always agreed in advance.

The second most common request is for video footage. Similar to still imagery but providing a greater perspective on the overall project as we will use our drone to navigate around the site thus capturing footage from a range of angles, heights and distances. Just like time lapse imagery, we can create time lapse videos by shooting at pre arranged intervals and then blending the videos together. The end result is a video of the project from the start through to completion.

360 degree panoramas are generally popular with the end client. i.e. the company that will ultimately own the building once its construction is complete. Prior to construction, we can use the drone to take a full ultra high definition panorama from any height up to 400ft. Thus, if you wanted to know the view from one of the floors, we could capture that for you. Great for marketing your project before it is even built.

2D mapping is another great tool for construction reports. By running pre planned flight paths, we can capture your entire site from above. Our georeferenced imagery can even be inserted in your own digital maps/software thus showing near real time data of your site.

Are there any other uses to this data out with progress reports?

Yes. Our data is regularly used for marketing purposes, site inductions as well as for health and safety. The actual purpose of the footage is really subject to the needs of the customer.

We have a 100% satisfaction rate with our construction customers with all of them keen to use us for future projects. If you would like to discuss what we can do to support your project, we can be contacted here.

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