Drones are fast becoming the camera of choice when it comes to sporting events. By hiring a professional drone company, you are able to capture shots that would, otherwise, be impossible. We can get up and above the action therefore allowing you to see the full picture.

Ice Mile just outside Glasgow in sub 5C water with www.vigourevents.com

Traditional methods can’t capture the dynamic range that drones can. Helicopters are, well lets face it, too expensive, noisy and are not allowed below 500ft. Drones can get up close and give your event that extra edge.

Common requests for drones include swimming, running, racing, sailing as well as pitch based sports such as rugby, football and hockey. Drones can be used for sports that cover large distances as well as those on a static pitch like location.

In addition to this, Drone Scotland can directly stream live

2 Ice Milers being escorted by canoes

footage of the event on YouTube and Facebook. Family, friends, sponsors who can’t make the day can watch the action as it unfolds.

All our video can be recorded in full 4K although most times 1080 HD is more than enough. We can also take UHD images. As our equipment is digital, we can easily take any snapshot from our video and turn it into a picture.

We have a range of lenses thus allowing us to get the perfect picture in a range of weather conditions.

Uddingston Cricket Club – hockey pitch

Our technology allows us to actively track ‘targets’. In this instance, the drone will lock onto a specific person/boat/car and follow them throughout the event.

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