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This week has been so interesting speaking to clients in building, construction and property. Traditionally drones have been utilised at the end stages of building. Normally used to create the typical smooth aerial videos to show off the finished site.  We are now educating our clients that Drone Scotland can provide aerial data services from the civils stages to mapping, surveying, construction progress reporting and 3d modelling. PwC say that “drones will boost productivity of the UK construction industry by 3.1%, largely thanks to the added speed and accuracy they bring to the process of site surveying” (PcW study on the impact of drones on the UK economy, 2018) So it’s not a case of if but when construction companies will utilise drones.

Each company we speak to is at a different stage in their aerial data journey. Some are experimenting with construction  progress reports  whilst others are using us for 2d orthomosaic mapping and 3d modelling. We even completed a health and safety video for one of our clients as part of their handover to their client. Corporate videos including aerial photography are also becoming more popular too.

So I could  talk about Drones all day long. Over the last couple of  weeks I’ve been speaking in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayr,  Lanarkshire and Dundee about drones in the building and construction industry.

For those clients already using us it’s reassuring to hear they use Drone Scotland to add value and save time and costs on their projects. We have a 100% repeat business rate for the construction, building and property industries which reflects their comments.

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Contact us if you would like to hear about how Drone Scotland can help you in your building, construction and property projects. Michele@dronescotland.com

Glasgow – (0141) 302 4685 

Dundee –  (01382) 785 693

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Ayr – (01292) 518 833

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