Why drones are becoming the ultimate aerial inspection partner

Aerial Inspection

aerial inspection - Drone Scotland
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More and more companies and home owners are recognising the benefit of drones when it comes to aerial inspection.

Traditional methods have relied on scaffolding, elevated platform hire or ropes to get surveyors to a position where they can inspect roofs, walls, chimneys etc. Such methods are time consuming, costly and may even require special permits for road closures and access. In addition are the substantial risks to the safety to the personnel involved with falling being one of the biggest risks to life in the construction industry.

Unlike scaffolding, where it is common for the scaffolding construction and removal to take 2 days, drones can get up high and into position in a matter of seconds. With their high resolution and super stable pictures, drones can quickly document surveys by transmitting live images and saving images to an onboard memory card. Some studies have shown that drones can save in excess of 80% of the cost, of traditional scaffolding, and at a fraction of the time.

Of course, there are limitations to drones. They cant fly in high winds or rain. But, if that’s not a problem, why not contact your local CAA approved Drone Scotland the next time you need a building inspected?

Bjorn Aaen, Drone Scotland

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