Winter is coming

drone scotlan winter is comingThe title is an infamous phrase taken from the blockbuster – Game Of Thrones. A series, like many others, that now relies heavily on drone technology to deliver that perfect shot.

Today is the last day of the British Summer with Autumn setting in tomorrow. What do the colder and shorter days mean for professional drone operators? Do they go into hibernation or does it simply bring around new opportunities?

Well, the answer is a little bit of the two. As the days shorten, we certainly witness less flying time for filming. Although some operators are allowed to fly at night, it’s the intended image that becomes darkened. I’m sure everyone will agree that its a lot easier to record videos and capture images during the daylight hours. Increases in wind and rain can reduce the amount of flying days.

However, and its a BIG however, drones are not just useful in the warm summer months. Sure, better weather makes flying easier and more pleasant but we live in a country with 4 seasons. Each has it’s own magic. The autumn brings around a host of colours that can add magic to any picture. Our winters provide a low sun, thus promoting amazing shadows which can be expertly captured by aerial drones.

The landscape also goes through an amazing change. Trees, lose their leaves that open up environments, snow and frost can help create dramatic imagery and our rivers become full and fast.

So in other words, winter is coming and we love it 🙂

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