3rd year of trading

We are now truly into our 3rd year of trading. It has been an exciting and busy journey. Launching any business requires a significant investment in time and patience. Flying drones is only a small part of the bigger picture.

Those who know us well, appreciate that we see our equipment as the tools of our trade. A drone is just a drone and a camera is simply a camera. What our tools do is to enable us to help us drive efficiencies within our customer’s businesses and help them achieve their goals. Focus on what your client’s objectives are, and you can’t go wrong.

When we first launched, our strapline was ‘Aerial Photography & Film’. However, we have learned, that it’s so much more than this. In reality, what we deliver is data to our customers. Sometimes this data takes the format of photography and film whilst other times, it’s the data we can extract that our customers desire. Our images and videos can be transformed into highly accurate orthomosaic maps, 3d models, building surveys and 360 degree panoramic views to name but a few.

When we first launched, we didn’t really understand our destination or our direction. We operated as a general UAV company with little specific focus. This was fine whilst we found our feet, discovered what we enjoy doing and where our business can grow.

Our priority was and continues to be customer satisfaction and, to this date, we have only ever received positive feedback. To achieve this, we have been selective with regards to the projects we have agreed to. Sometimes it is difficult to decline a project but when it doesn’t feel right, doing the right thing is always the best course of action. Building a positive reputation takes time, discipline and integrity. All key foundations of our methodology.

Drone Scotland has delivered a wide range of services to a diverse customer base including the public sector, councils, individuals, small private companies and large blue chip multinationals.

We now know our who we are and where we want to go. Our vision is to be the leading independent provider of UAV data in Scotland. In order for us to drive our business forward, we intend to continue our work within the construction, surveying, mapping, modelling, video production, insurance and corporate promotion arenas. We have achieved great success in these fields working locally in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire as well as working as far North as Elgin and as far South as Gretna. We work with some of the biggest names in the country.

At Drone Scotland, we see this as a major step in the evolution of our business. It’s also imperative that our customers understand who we are. But mostly, it’s essential that we know who we are.

Our business turnover is doubling each year and we anticipate this trend continuing through to at least year 5 (2021). We are already well networked throughout the UK and our plan is to expand our headcount and our reach.

We love the industry that we are part of and we take pride in helping shape the industry as we grow.

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