Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a great festive break. We are open again for 2018 – the year of the drone. Well, the last few years have each been the year of the drone but 2018 is expected to be the biggest so far. With regular improvements in technology, software and 3rd party apps, drones are becoming more accessible than ever.

Fields of deployment are also expanding with England using the technology to map and build motorways and Tanzania using drones to supply vital medicine and supplies to those most in need. In the UK, companies are looking at the options to utilise drones to deliver everything from fast food right through to your online purchases.

Legislation is also due to change. Hobbyists are soon going to be required to both register there drones and demonstrate acceptable skills and knowledge before being legal to fly. And, I’m confident that this is simply a start of the changes in this ever evolving market.

Police and security forces will soon be equipped with electronic tracking equipment which enables them to both locate the pilot and also ground the drone. See https://www.droneshield.com/ for an example of technology in research.

Water resistant drones are also starting to emerge thus allowing operators to fly in the rain. Clearly offering great potential for surveying, agriculture and search and rescue.

Clearly an exciting year ahead. So, fly safe and enjoy what will be the ultimate year of the drone – well at least till 2019 🙂

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