You are the Director

You are the DirectorDrone Scotland FPV goggle


Introducing you to the hot seat. Introducing you to the future of bespoke imagery and video. Introducing you to high definition first person view goggles.

We have recently purchased HD FPV goggles. When placed on your head, you are able to see real time imagery/video as though you were sitting on board the drone.

Looking for a specific shot or video? By wearing the goggles, you are able to direct our pilot to help achieve your business or personal objectives. Our pilot will be standing right next to you and will retain full control of the UAV (drone) through the use of his/her own ground station and telemetry display.

So, rather than give us a brief and wait to see the footage in the office, join us on location and help us get the perfect outcome. (It’s also rather fun and an experience not to be missed).

What’s even better is that the goggles have their own micro sd card inserted. This enables the wearer to take HD pictures at the touch of a button on the goggles.

Please note, our pilot will always fly safely and legally. Should a desired shot present a risk to safety or be potentially illegal, he/she will be unable to perform that manoeuvre.

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