Aerial 360 panorama over Dennistoun, Glasgow.

Over the last few years the property market has moved from traditional print listings in local newspapers to online property websites and brochures. The demand for images and videos showing off properties, developments and the surrounding areas has soared. It’s a competitive market and developers are using drone services to generate aerial images and aerial videos to sell properties and developments.

Back in 2016 it was enough to market an aerial image of your property. A few years on and there are a number of more sophisticated products available to you. These include aerial 360 panorama images, edited aerial videos, 2d orthomosaic mapping and 3d modelling.

If you’re selling a property and want to show off the area then a 360 panorama can be a great tool to display exactly where the property lies in the local area. We can add annotations such as railway stations, bus routes, schools and other relevant information. As a house buyer it can be difficult to visualise exactly where a property is in relation to the surrounding area. A panorama shows this off really well.

If you’re redeveloping land and want to show potential buyers detailed information then we often recommend a 2d orthomosaic map and 3d model. By utilising the latest technology and software we have experience creating high resolution aerial images of land from small plots right up to as large as 800 acres. In addition to the map we produce highly accurate 3d models or your land which gives remote viewers unparalleled spatial awareness of your land without ever having to set foot on it. This greatly extends the audience that you can actively engage without anybody even having to leave their armchair!

Need something more precise? We can even provide survey grade data of your land showcasing plot boundaries, elevations and plant life as well as photometric data (1D, 2D, 3D measurements)

By accessing data of this nature you are able to benefit from tomorrows technology today.

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Aerial 3D image of land development
Property Aerial Image – 3D image of land development