Helping clients promote their business through corporate video

One of the most surprising aspects coming out for Covid-19 for Drone Scotland is a surge in demand for video production services. We anticipated a quick return to our regular roof inspection jobs, building inspections, house-building aerial data activity and construction progress reports. We certainly did not expect to be asked to produce digital content for clients to help them promote their business.

Drone Scotland team filming a promotional video
Video Production team on a shoot in Stirling (Pre-covid)

Prior to launching our business I spent 16 years in print and digital advertising. My most recent job was as a Director for a national newspaper and business magazine. So from experience I anticipated making digital videos and commercials for clients would take a back seat for a while. Interestingly, we had more commercial bookings post-covid than we had in the 2 months prior to lockdown.

It seems some clients are taking the opportunity to increase market share at a time where other competitors are more vulnerable. Our bookings include aerial video for TV commercials, digital video content for social media and promotional videos for websites. It’s really encouraging to see this level of activity and i’m really hoping it’s a positive sign for the Scottish economy.

We supply digital video to companies across different sectors including construction, recruitment, property, engineering, house-building, public sector, community projects, life-coaching, sport and clothing brands. Every project brief is different. Some projects include drone footage and others don’t. Some clients use voice-overs, others prefer music with sub-titles. We really enjoy the creativity of commercial video production and approach each brief with an open mind and by asking lots of questions.

If you’d like to speak to our team about video production please get in touch on (0141) 302 4685 or (0131) 203 3077. or