Drones in construction

Aerial photograph of Glasgow Construction
Construction in Glasgow

Prior to the lockdown we worked with many of our construction clients producing aerial video, aerial photographs and aerial maps to help document their sites before they closed. This provided a platform to share digital information with their colleagues in their home offices, without having to go out to construction sites. Health and Safety are always key within construction and our team were able to provide services that helped reduce the spread of covid-19 on sites. Fortunately our pilots work alone or with ground crew who can easily social distance. Our work doesn’t require a great deal of interaction once we’re on site. Drones in construction are becoming more and more popular and form a huge part of our business. Our construction clients are based all over Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth, Lanarkshire and Ayrshire.  

Pwc predict the UK construction industry will be the second largest benefactor of drone technology. This sector is growing rapidly and more and more construction and housebuilding companies are utilising drone technology to fulfil their requirements. Pwc predict the UAV industry will provide an £8.6bn uplift in GDP for the UK Construction and Manufacturing industry by 2030. https://www.pwc.co.uk/press-room/press-releases/pwc-uk-drones-report.html

Construction has been a key focus for Drone Scotland over the last 3 years and we anticipate continued growth as more and more Construction businesses utilise drones to enhance their business operations. Back in 2017 we would receive enquiries about capturing aerial photographs of completed sites. We are now involved in the entire life cycle of projects from pre-construction through to completion. In some projects we have taken aerial measurements of land prior to it being purchased through to producing health and safety videos at the handover stage. The fastest area of growth we see is in delivering highly accurate measurements of sites. Recently we mapped 200 hectares for a client, delivering highly accurate information including measurements, elevation and plant health. Drones are helping improve efficiencies in Construction and will continue to form an important part of the industry in the future. https://dronescotland.com/?p=2893&preview=true

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