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Drone Construction Services
Aerial image taken on-site yesterday

Construction drone services are a part of our business that is continually evolving. The services we deliver today are different to what we offered a year ago. What we offer next year will be different too. Our team are constantly working on the next piece of technology that will add value to our construction clients. Covid-19 has accelerated the need for this. Construction businesses across the UK are now embracing this new technology and utilising drones for drone construction inspections, drones in construction safety and other drone construction work.

Very often the perception is that construction drone services are simply taking birds eye photographs of completed construction sites. Whilst we can deliver this, and there is some value, it’s not actually a huge part of our business. Our clients want more. They want accurate data at each stage of the construction project.

Yesterday we mapped 17 hectares of land for a client at pre-works. Within 7 hours we produced a high resolution topographical map with design overlays. We pinpointed health and safety reports, boundaries, compound design, drainage and underground services. We also produced a 3d model, high resolution aerial 360 panorama and a complete aerial site orbital. The result is that our client can drive around the site today looking at our maps and understand exactly the details of the site at each point.

Our clients work with us throughout project lifecycles, capturing high levels of accurate data every 4 weeks and producing construction progress reports. Construction drone services are a fast growing area of our business. It means we work with different teams throughout a project including civil engineering, pre-construction, construction, health & safety and marketing. Recently we completed a 2 year construction progress report project for a customer. They were delighted with the results and at the end of the project asked us to create their health & safety and marketing videos. We are fortunate enough to have the skills in-house to complete this using our drones, ground video cameras and photography equipment.

With a resolution of 1.7cm per pixel, clients are able to zoom in and inspect their entire site from their laptop. We are now delivering highly accurate data within 50mm accuracy from our UAV’s. Drones in construction is a fast growing part of our business.

Our construction drone services are delivering more cost-effective solutions with a much faster turnaround than traditional methods. Covid-19 has also accelerated drones in construction as there is more pressure to create digital processes, eliminating the need for meetings and teams. Our pilots work remotely and deliver our data digitally.

Our team work across Scotland for major for major construction clients including Taylor Wimpey, Morgan Sindall, Morrison Construction and Graham. The services we deliver range from aerial construction progress reports to 3d modelling, 2d orthomosaic mapping, completion videos, drone construction inspections and pre-purchase land surveys. Many of our clients employ our services from concept to completion – working closely with them throughout the lifecycle of a project from pre purchase of the land through to completion videos.

If you’d like to hear more about our drone construction services please get in touch with our chief pilot Bjorn Aaen at

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