Drone Photography Scotland – a summary

Autumn in Perthshire
Autumn in Perthshire

We are blessed to be working in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Ok we’re a little biased but we do love filming and capturing aerial photographs in and around Scotland. Our landscape is so dramatic and diverse. Cities, highlands, lowlands, lochs, beaches and national parks – we have them all here in Scotland. That’s why Drone Photography Scotland projects are so popular and why we’ve shared some of our Aerial Photography Scotland images with you here.

Aerial Photography Scotland

What always amazes me is that in such a small country the landscape can change dramatically in as little as an hours drive. Glasgow is a vibrant bustling city with fabulous architecture. Drive an hour west and you are at Loch Lomond, surrounded by breath taking scenery. South West of Glasgow you have the Ayrshire coastline with some lovely beaches. Head 2 hours towards Fife and you are in a completely new landscape with a different, less rainy weather pattern. It really is a country with so many examples of scenery. There is one thing each region has in common though – Castles. We have over 2000 Castles in Scotland so it’s no surprise they appear in many of our Drone Photography Scotland projects.

Dredger sailing down the Clyde at Erskine Bridge, Scotland
Ham 316 Dredger sailing up the River Clyde at Erskine Bridge, Scotland


Dundee Drone photography – panorama image

We have produced a number of aerial videos and aerial photographs in and around the Dundee area. We love this panorama we created for a client in the Ninewells area of the city. It’s an area often overlooked by photographers but we thought it was worth sharing.


Glasgow Drone Photography

Aerial Photography Aberdeenshire

We’ve had the pleasure of producing a number of aerial videos and aerial images for clients in Aberdeenshire. Typically the East Coast has far less rain than the rest of the country. This makes is much easier to schedule in drone flights. Whilst some of our drones can still fly in rain, no-one really wants images of rain! Many of our Drone Photography Scotland projects include Castles, either as the focal point or they are nearby and appear in our videos or images. It’s not deliberate but since there are over 2000 castles in Scotland it’s not surprising we are always filming nearby one.

Fasque Castle, Aberdeenshire
Fasque Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Aerial photographs – Stirling Castle

In 2019 we were asked to create a promotional video for the Stirling Scottish Marathon. Not only was this a brilliant project but it gave us an excuse to get out and capture some of the amazing landscape of the Central Region of Scotland. Having studied and lived in Stirling It was such a great opportunity to go back and capture the backdrop of my student days with our Aerial Photography Scotland projects.

Stirling Castle from a Drone
Sunrise over Stirling Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh and Lothian drone images

Drone Photography of the Queensferry Crossing, Scotland
Queensferry Crossing, Scotland

As you can see the diverse range of the landscape and cultural sites make our Drone Photography Scotland projects really interesting. Every day in our business creates a new opportunity to go out and capture more for our clients. Watch this space to see what Aerial Photography Scotland projects we have coming up in the future.

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