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Well we have certainly kept ourselves busy during the covid-19 lockdown. We thought we’d put our video production skills to good use and try and make the most of the situation, helping others around us in their time of need.

Video Production
Delivering 5000 Easter Eggs to children in the community

As construction sites were closed, we were unable to continue with our aerial mapping and building inspections for our UK Construction and Housebuilding clients. So we thought, what can we do with our skills during this time. I spoke with a friend who mentioned he’d set up a foodbank to help the local community by delivering hot meals, prescriptions and other essentials to those self-isolating and/or in need. The foodbank required regular volunteers and donations. I thought, what skills do we have that could help them raise funds? We decided to use our video production skills to tell the story of the volunteers and the difference they were making to our community.

We started to produce a short video for release on social media. We filmed the volunteers out delivering 5000 Easter Eggs to children in the community during the lockdown. The video went viral and the funds started to flow through the fundraising page. We realised we could actually make a difference by telling the story of the volunteers through our video productions. We went on to produce some unsung hero videos. We were so impressed by the volunteers we felt we couldn’t stop. We wanted to tell everyones story and the the fundraising spiked each time we released a video. The volunteers ranged from local teenagers packing food parcels to premiership footballers delivering hot meals. Local businesses in Uddingston and Bothwell were donating food, money, facilities and staff to help the cause. The effort was incredible. People cried when they received their prescriptions/food deliveries. It brought the community together and our videos managed to capture some of the efforts.

We have now produced 13 videos including aerial video and ground video, working within strict safety covid-19 measures and with special permission from Police Scotland and South Lanarkshire Council. Some of our videos went viral and featured on national newspaper websites including the Sun. We’ve had great fun on these video production projects and will continue to help out as and when we can.

What i learned from this is that great things can happen when people collaborate and work together. Business isn’t just about making profit. Sometimes we need to make time to give something back to the community. We will continue to support the Uddingston & Bothwell Community Action team moving forward and we’re delighted to have been able to make a difference.

You can see one of our short videos here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opDL-SOqshk.

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Uddingston during lockdown - excert from video production
Deserted Uddingston playpark during lockdown

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