Construction Drone Services – An evolving industry

Construction drone inspection
Construction drone survey using FPV goggles

Drones are being deployed for a multitude of purposes throughout Scotland from a Drone Construction Inspection to Volumetrics and Soil management. As a data provider, we work with many of Scotland’s largest construction firms. The UAV (drone) industry is still relatively in it’s infancy with many of our clients, initially, not fully aware of the role drones can play when it comes to supporting construction businesses. As a consequence, we not only supply services but also work to educate and integrate drone technology within their existing workflows on a consultancy basis.

So where do drones fit in within construction? The obvious integration is to support marketing and provide traditional RGB aerial progression images. In fact, this is how we have traditionally commenced working partnerships with many of our construction related clients. Some of our earliest work, dating back to 2017, involved capturing construction progress imagery from fixed positions throughout the life cycle of a project. These images were used both internally and externally to help communicate the progress of the build. Thus stakeholders, investors, sub-contractors and customers could all track the build. Visual aerial data offers a substantial improvement when compared to traditional methods including ground imagery and written reports. This is, however, just the tip of the iceberg with PwC projecting a GDP increase of £8.6 billion across construction and manufacturing in the UK by 2030.

3d model from aerial building inspection
3D Model produced from a Construction drone inspection

At Drone Scotland, we have worked, trained, became experienced in and invested in many more detailed aspects of drone technology and its integration with the construction sector. Possibly one our most innovate services was an aerial timelapse of a Glasgow based student accommodation build. Unlike still imagery, we developed a method to capture the 18 month build of the development using video timelapse. The motion video shows the build developing from foundations right through to completion and subsequently resulted in our company being nominated for awards.

That was back in 2019. Our business has continued to grow at over 100% each year and as of today, we offer a wide range of drone services to the Scottish Construction sector. These include:

  • Topographical maps with an average error under 35mm on the xyz.
  • Volumetrics
  • Soil management
  • Pre-construction site inspections
  • Post-construction site surveys
  • Infrastructure surveys
  • 3D meshes and modelling
  • Contour mapping
  • Condition surveys
  • Drone construction Inspections
  • Progress reporting
  • Video capture and video production
  • 360 degree panoramas
  • Point clouds
  • Construction site overlays – comparing design Vs build

Our customer vertical sectors include production, commercial, land services, engineering, technical, marketing, planning, surveying, design, civil engineering and maintenance. Each requiring their own unique type of data.

Now, we aren’t surveyors, engineers or any of the above professions. We don’t pretend to be. What we are particularly good at is flying drones, capturing data and delivering it to our clients in a format they can use. We have established workflows for different deliverables. We use 6 different drones depending upon the need of our construction client and their required deliverables.  We utilise state of the art software with our powerful processing workstations.

Our clients don’t need us to be good at the jobs they do, instead they need high quality, accurate, reliable and timely aerial data. In other words, we deliver exactly what they need.

To find out more about why we are the company of choice, contact us at or (0141) 302 4685.

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