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Drone Photography – Glasgow Cathedral, Drone Scotland

Drone Scotland capture drone footage all over Scotland. In previous posts we’ve talked about flying drones in Edinburgh and other cities. This blog discusses what we love about flying drones in Glasgow. The diversity of the footage we have captured, the challenges and the opportunities to capture great drone footage in all 4 seasons.

One of our first big breaks was to capture Drone photography for the new flagship Primark store in Glasgow. We were commissioned by their Marketing Agency to capture both drone photography and ground photography of iconic Glasgow locations. Although we had been flying drones for 2 years already, we hadn’t quite worked with such a big brand. It was quite the opportunity for us but at the same time quite nerve wracking. We spent a great deal of time capturing the right photographs, getting the perfect lighting, angles and focus. We were delighted with the results but at the same time nervous as to whether they’d actually like and use them. They did and they are now on display in their store.

The project took us all over Glasgow capturing images of the SEC, Kelvingrove, House for an Art Lover and the oldest building in Glasgow, the Provand’s Lordship. We got the opportunity to photograph some locations we wouldn’t have even thought of. It was great fun and a brilliant opportunity to build our business.

We have since worked on a diverse range of drone projects across Glasgow for different clients in different sectors. These range from drone construction progress reports to dilapidation surveys, drone video for TV commercials and creative projects. Every drone project is different, requires different drones and equipment and takes us to a different part of Glasgow. Many parts we’ve never visited before.

Drone Scotland - Drone Services Glasgow, Aerial photograph over the Clyde at Sunrise
Drone Photograph over the Clyde in Glasgow – Drone Scotland

Some of our recent Glasgow projects have included time lapse aerial imagery of Scotway House at Glasgow Harbour, survey grade drone construction progress reports at numerous housing developments, dilapidation surveys in the West End, drone videos for STV commercials and aerial videos of a major development at Sighthill.

Some of the key challenges we face flying in Glasgow is flying in congested areas. The city centre buildings can be close to one another and getting the correct permissions can be time consuming. We have a range of drones we fly and ensure we use a lightweight drone to fly in congested areas. We also tend to work as a team of 2 with one of use acting as a spotter. This allows us to create a safe zone around the pilot and alert the pilot to any dangers.

April 2020 presented a new challenge with the Air Navigation restriction of flying in the vicinity of the Scottish Event Campus. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/440/pdfs/uksi_20200440_en.pdf A radius of 2 nautical miles became a restricted fly zone. Right in the middle of Glasgow city centre! This purpose of this was of course to clear airspace for helicopters transporting patients in and out the hospital. Flying within this area now required special permissions. For Drone Scotland this created a new set of challenges as much of our work took place within this restricted fly zone. We were however fortunate enough to be granted special permission to fly for many of our projects as they were Health and Safety related. Our aerial projects outwith this H&S category however had to be rescheduled until later in the year.

Drone Scotland - New drone laws
Construction in Glasgow – Drone Scotland
3d model from aerial building inspection
Glasgow Drone Building Inspection 3d model

For more information on our Drone Glasgow services contact our office on (0141) 302 4685 or glasgow@dronescotland.com

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